Becoming a part of the biggest growing sector on the Internet is easier than ever! Be your own boss, set your own hours, and make as much money as you want! All you have to do is fill out a little information about yourself, so we know YOU are who YOU say you are. It only takes 5 minutes, and is super simple. You just need to have one form of identification that is a picture ID such as a driver's license or a passport. Once you have that, all you need to do is fill out the form, scan this document, and then submit it all and you're set! Soon one of our team members will reach out back to you, get your profile set up, and before you know it you'll be making $$$! Our team will respond and get back to you within a day and help get you set up with an account.
Making money is easier than you think. Think of it as one social meet up, where all the attention is on you. And the best part is, they're paying you for it! You'll log on, and when you're ready, you'll click 'Ready to go on!' and your own chat room will begin. In there, your room will quickly fill up with guys that will quickly start chatting and interacting with you. Get ready for all the compliments ;) You'll have your own topic at the top of your chat box, which basically outlines the things you'll do and for what cost. Then, you just have to be fun, sexy, and teasing and the guys will be asking you to do things. Every time they ask, you ask for a tip. Once they give it to you, usually a couple dollars, you do the request. For small things, such as removing your bra or showing you butt, you can expect a couple bucks. For more major things, such as showing vagina or touching yourself, you ask for more and wait till someone gives it to you. You also have options such as Show Mode where multiple guys will tip in and watch you do a private show all at once. There is also the Private option, which is just a one on one show with a single user asking you to do things. At the end of your session, you look at your earnings and wait till payout.
The best times to log on are at night when there is the most traffic. Everyone is home from work and has free time. The users will have more time to spend on and interact with the girls, so really being personable is a plus here! But along with that, you'll see more cam girls online. If you log on during the day, you'll see less cam girls on, but there might be a little bit less traffic because a lot of people are at work. It will also be more European girls and users online. That doesn't mean money isn't there to be made. Cam sites function 24 hours a day, and with traffic constantly coming in, there's always a guy or two trying to spend a lot of money. The best bet to log on is for you as the cam girl to dedicate a certain amount of hours and days per week to go on, and make sure you do it consistently and rack up money. Users notice the girls that are on regularly, and have their favorites and come to expect the girl on a good amount and will spend money easily on her. If you treat it like a regular job, and put in the hours, you'll see the high result and high reward.
Camscore is what is used to help define your position on the page. It's updated every 30 minutes in real time, so you can always be striving for a high score. It combines the amount of time logged on, how many days a week, how much revenue generated, and also user feedback. All these combined help to give you a rating, and depending on your rating, moves you up the page to the top. The girls with the best ratings will be at the top of the page, but it's not hard to get there! Spend some time logged on, have fun with the users, and give great shows and you'll quickly see your camscore go up along with your position on the page. The camscore helps to give the best accurate rating of all the cam girls, and since it's a combination of the users feedback and effort put in by the girl, it's good to reward the best workers with the best placement.
Yes! And it's probably easier that you think! A whale is referred to someone that spends a large amount of money, quickly and easily on a girl. Many girls end up having fans that are partial to them, and they do this by befriending the whale and making them feel special. You help create a special connection with the whale, and he feels that he gets better treatment than the other users. Because of that, he wants to regularly spend money on you, and usually large amounts! Sometimes he'll even just send you gifts! Many girls can easily have multiple whales too! The way to hook a whale is just keep talking to them, make them feel special. Most of these guys more often than not just want someone to talk to. You'll find they aren't looking for something sexual, but for company. So most of your interactions with them are asking them questions, them telling you stories, maybe asking your opinion about a girl in their life. What's even better about this, is this means more time they asking of you and that means more money.
The best way to promote is to do it through social media! You're on it anyway, you might as well make it work for you! Make accounts with your stage name on Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. Then link it up with your profile on your webcam page. Even do shout outs in your chat, and soon users will soon follow you to look for updates when you aren't online camming. To keep them following you and interested, it's good to interact with users on your Twitter. Users will feel special with the individual attention and keep trying to get more. You can also post racy pictures here, and that will keep users interested as well. Instagram is a bit more difficult, as you can't post pictures that are too sexual or risk getting the picture pulled or worse the account deleted. But it's good to have Instagram as it's another outlet that has a large fan base. It also allows you to just post pictures and not have to interact so much with fans. Facebook is another good way to generate a following and get more fans. Guidelines are similar to that of Instagram, so it's more of a picture posting outlet. Social media is a great way to notify fans of when you're going to be on, as your followers will soon use it as a way to keep tabs on you and your online cam schedule. Combined with hot pictures and some interaction with your fans, you'll soon have a following that will be begging for you to go online and give you money!
The easiest way to do this, is be fun, sexy, have some personality, and make the user feel special! You're competing with all the other girls online, so you want to be unique. Just being hot isn't enough, you have to be able to interact well since that is what the user is paying for. You want to create intimacy between him and you, as he is competing against all the other users out there. Most times, the user will try and see why he should spend his money on you for tips or even more. Your job is to be enticing and teasing enough that he WANTS to spend all his money on you. That might be telling him a certain phrase, or maybe indulging in a fetish he has. Most of the time for tips, you want to show off a little bit, but not everything. So if he is an ass guy, maybe a quick flash, talk about things you like to do with your butt or different positions you like to be in, and pretty quickly the guy will be wanting more! If he is a boob guy, push your boobs together, squeeze them, talk about how you love to play with them. But don't show him your nipple yet! Make sure he pays you before, and once he does, keep him paying you as you play to his boob fetish.
Another user you'll find is a guy that just wants companionship. He'll take you private, and ask you questions about your personal life. Reveal to him what you want, but don't tell him anything that you aren't comfortable with. Ask him questions, get him to talk. Remember he is paying you by the minute, so the more he talks the longer he is spending time with you. Lot of these guys will use you more like a therapist then for sexual things. And if you're a good listener, you could soon have your new whale ;)

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